Ten Commandments For A Dynamic Youth Ministry Team

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God is raising up a great youth ministry team here in San Diego. As the Now Generation we have been blessed in seeing young people emerge into urban leadership. 


  •   One thing I am discovering in this team is that we have the greatest potential to witness a revival within God’s Anointed Now Generation.
  •     As we are growing together we have came together and developed a team commitment.
  •  This past week we were able to get together and listed ten things that we are going to commit to as a youth ministry team.
  •     My prayer is that we commit to these ten things and make the adjustment to witness an explosion of God. 

Here are ten things we are committing to in God’s Anointed Now Generation San Diego

1.     We are committed to Communicate to each other.

2.     We are committed to Take Initiative in the overall youth ministry.

3.     We are committed to Connecting with each other

4.     We are committed to Offering Ourselves and  Our ministries to each other

5.     We are committed to Produce and work ourselves out of a job

6.     We are committed to Planning ( 6 weeks for ministries, 3 months for bigger events)

7.     We are committed to Recruitment (Involving others within and outside the youth ministry)

8.     We are committed to Fellowship  with youth, team and creating the family

9.     We are committed to be Resourceful  ( Investing into the young people)

10. We are committed to be CONSISTENT.

Our youth ministry team is committed to these ministry commandments and we will see the move of God take place in the GANG.

Great Job You Guys. 


Time To Grow !

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How Do I Become a Person Of Influence?

Hello Everyone, Just some more thoughts coming out in this journal blog. I began to take a refresher this week in reading John Maxwell’s “Becoming a person of influence”

 At times we don’t have that element of trust in our relationship with others because we perhaps have not taken the humble route to win them over .

  •  ( Know of any good pie restaurants, for a piece of humble pie)

I believe becoming a person of influence is having transformation in our lives.

My desire as a leader is that I want to be transformed in my walk. And many times God will test us  when we are advancing in our leadership to see if we are ready for the next level.

Winning people over and gaining their trust is hard work, But if you want to be successful you have go through the lessons of maturity.  

Like my Pastor always says

“It comes with the territory”


  •  Maxwell said that” Influence doesn’t come to us instantaneously, but it grows in stages”

And this is true because as growing leaders, we are only able to handle much as we can grow.


The Youth Leader’s Journal

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This is something that youth leaders long for in their ministry.

That is to see momentum taking place in the youth ministry, usually whenever there is an event either pre or post event.

There seems to be a little excitement that happens in the ministry. We got to admit there are times where you just can’t wait to get there. 

Well this is my first official blog and I can’t wait to share with you about what is going on in my youth ministry here in San Diego. 

Well you know summer is now here and school will be out in like two weeks. As a youth worker I am endlessly looking for ways to keep my young people involved and active for the Lord.

Summer is usually the most exciting season in youth ministry, because there is so much time to spend with them. I love it because this is a season where I get to witness them get even more on fire for the Lord. 

But this year I have taken another approach and that is to start this summer off with some PRAYER. Oh yeah the big P word Prayer , Not player playa. But Holy Ghost prayer.

So, on Wednesday mornings there will be a group of us praying in the youth sanctuary and we are going to ask God for revival and to see young people get saved on our Wednesday nights. This summer, I am also looking forward to Youth Convention.( That’s another BLOG)

Anyways, How do you spot momentum ? One way I know that the Big Mo is there is when young people are getting saved and discipled in the Lord. And that’s an answer to any Youth Pastor’s prayer. Keep praying for the young people. …………………………………..

Let’s have a great Summer ,